For MBAs Focused On Entrepreneurship,
Innovation, and Venture Development


Global Subject-Matter Experts Organized To Solve The World's Most Pressing
Innovation Challenges Through Entrepreneurial Efforts

More than another "weak-ties" Internet network, the Global Innovation Group ("GIG") is a new group forming later in 2011 by MindForce Consulting, MBA GlobalNet's sister company focused on new venture development and commercializing technology. It is an invitation-based powerful showcase of business professionals who not only seek game-changing opportunities, but agree to focus their expertise to solve the world's most pressing Innovation Challenges. MindForce acts as its organizer and curator. Please contact MindForce if the brief description below resonates with you and you feel you both qualify and want to make a difference.

The GIG will be a catalyst to GENERATE WEALTH for those who agree to contribute their time, energy and valuable market and industry insights, especially on new technologies and new ventures focused on the 14 global Innovation Challenges listed below. We also believe being part of this global, closed-end brain trust of exceptional people will also offer participants far more meaningful opportunities to meet each other, rather than being on mass-oriented social networking sites like LinkedIn.


We look for socially-conscious Members who want to hit "home runs" and who understand the risk/rewards of getting involved in early stage ventures and licensing projects, and see value in being part of a global "doer" social network.

We seek these "doers" and not their followers. We look for serious, entrepreneurial-focused executives and managers who truly "get it about being involved," see the value of adding their expertise to make a difference, and who possess the attitude that when you provide knowledge to the community, the community one day rewards you:

Technology IP Experts:
  • Understand patents
  • How to build companies from patents
  • Have licensed patents
  • Have access to companies who seek to license technological innovations

  • Venture Experts:
  • Senior Management experience at start-up
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial expertise
  • A healthy understanding of the marketplace
  • Significant experience at an entrepreneurial company

  • Capital Raising Experts
  • Have previous success in raising capital for clients or for own business
  • Have M&A experience at investment bank or financial company
  • Have network of investors to contact on deals

  • Growing Company Experts
  • Have built companies during nascent stages
  • Have planned and led sales/marketing efforts
  • Have first-hand cost-cutting operational skills
  • Have clear talents in managing people within growth companies

  • Deep Domain Experts
  • Possess Top 5% knowledge of subject matter
  • Demonstrate expertise in job situations

    MindForce will be forming our GIG SME Teams based on the following global Innovation Challenges:

  • Developing /Improving Our Energy Resources
  • Providing Access to Clean Water
  • Advancing Health Informatics
  • Developing New and Better Drugs
  • Advancing Genomics
  • Applying Nanotechnology
  • Advancing Medicine and Healthcare Delivery to Prevent Death and Disability
  • Developing Next-Generation Information and Communication Technology
  • Securing Our Cyberinfrastructure
  • Protecting America from Bioterrorism, Nuclear Threats and Events of Mass Destruction
  • Advancing Systems for Space Exploration
  • Developing More Competitive and Clean Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Enhancing Our Agricultural Resources
  • Improving Methods for Teaching and Workforce Development