For MBAs Focused On Entrepreneurship,
Innovation, and Venture Development

We are pleased to present several ways to work with us to find exceptional talented business professionals, including engaging our sister company, MindForce Consulting. Please contact us at 1-646-202-9599 or send us an email to to speak directly about your opportunity and how we can assist you and your company.

Hire Highly-Qualified Seasoned MBA Talent

Any industry, any location, any expertise, any experience. We have a very mobile MBA workforce. We send out targeted emails to qualified MBA GlobalNet members and act like an executive recruiter, except we search "In-Network."

Leverage Our SMEs

We offer structured services where you can engage one or more MBA GlobalNet members for their subject-matter expertise and brain power for short periods of time, usually one to ten hours.

Engage MindForce Consulting

Our sister company, MindForce Consulting provides a formalized approach to either starting a new venture or commercializing IP through a licensee program, or helping an existing business grow. A client engaging MindForce will have an organized IP Team (including MBA GlobalNet SMEs) who are incented, over a period of time, to build a new business, find licensees, and help our client's grow their businesses.