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Innovation, and Venture Development

Why pay Gerson Lehrman, or any of these "expert" services when you can reach virtually the same subject-matter experts at MBA GlobalNet at more affordable rates.

Here are two examples of large projects: From 2007-2010, MBA GlobalNet provided over 150 experts and over 300 assignments as mentors (3 to 5 hours) for U.S. National Science Foundation grantees who were submitting Phase II commercialization plans. And in 2008, the State of Florida hired MindForce to judge a $2M grant program and over 40 MBA GlobalNet members served as SMEs during the judging period.

We offer structured services where you can engage one or more MBA GlobalNet members for their subject-matter expertise and brain power for short periods of time, usually one to ten hours.

In sum, if you need a SME or 3 or 30, we can tap our members to find you the best SME(s) at rates between $150 to $250/hour for one hour, including our fee, and a sliding hourly scale for 10 hours.

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