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Since 1998, we have served experienced MBA graduates around the globe who join to view vetted opportunities and meet peers to advance and execute their business ideas and careers. Please join our community of 18,000+ MBAs and see how you can leverage our services and partnerships.

We seek proactive members, especially members who step up to work with us, to participate in our member programs, and/or work with our clients. In sum, we provide a great platform and offer many different ways to take important steps to a more fulfilling career. We are especially focused on your entrepreneurial ideas and activities and how we can assist you. We look forward to working with you.

Receive project, entrepreneurial, and full-time opportunities through targeted emails

    • View exclusive jobs through our recruiting services,usually delivered as targeted emails based on the information you provided, and also listed in our enewsletters
    • Access unique consulting opportunities...working solo or in teams
    • Participate in opportunities from our partners and clients focused on building ventures, deal making, and technology commercialization
    • Assist companies in their business development needs

Network with peers- expand your career and professional reach

    • Connect with Members around the world through our MBAGN LinkedIN For Groups service
    • Seek out other Members for informational interviews

Use your intellectual capital

    • Your resume is "key word" searchable for short-term project requests that tap your knowledge and expertise
    • Assist clients who have formal business development opportunities

Participate or invest in world-class commercial technology and start-up initiatives

    • Get involved at the ground level with MindForce Consulting and join our sister company's IP leadership teams. MindForce offer services to license or commercialize technology or join a launch team to spinout a new venture

Advance your ideas, products, and businesses using our talent infrastructure

    • Advance your existing business. MindForce, as our sister company, can form a business team to spearhead a new initiative for you.
    • Member Benefit: Post free jobs @ at no cost as a member throughout 2011 (limited offer).
    • Jump start your venture. MindForce can work with you to assess, develop and promote your venture, create or strengthen your venture team, or find management team or advisors for your start-up.
    • If you have an idea, we can find subject matter or industry experts to vet your concept
    • Take advantage of MindForce's Venture Team or Licensing Team program or its business development program

Receive referral fees by introducing your friends, peers, or your company to us

    • Do you know a start-up that needs capital or management/advisors?
    • Do you know a company that wants to sell itself?
    • Do you know a company that could be a beta client for one of our client business development programs?
    • Do you know a job candidate for one of our job postings?